Terms + Conditions

In future years, the number of prizes, their amounts, and their stipulations will be determined by the IVA Board based on the amount of money available in the Trust Fund, feedback from the Indigenous literary community, and reassessment of the campaign’s goals and objectives, with attentiveness to sustainability. The precise details of the awards will be subject to alteration based on decisions of the IVA Board, while ensuring the awards continue to support Indigenous literary arts and artists.
Submissions for the 2017 competition were accepted from October 31st 2017 to January 31st 2018, and award winners will be announced in May/June 2018.
For a definition of “emerging Indigenous literary artist,” please see below.
 Note that dollar figures for individual prizes and for the total purse in a given year are subject to change based on the amount available in the Trust Fund and will be determined by the Board with attentiveness to sustainability.
Published work will be considered eligible for these prizes provided it either appeared on the market between January 1st and December 31st of the year in question or has an official publication date between January 1st and December 31st of the year in question.
On “Emerging” and “Established” Writers
While for many people the category of “emerging writer” implies youth, ILSA and the prize committee recognize that there are Indigenous artists of diverse ages who are finding their voice as writers, including many older people and even quite a few elders. Our definition of “emerging” is not focused on age but on the writer’s history of publication. For the purposes of these awards, “emerging” refers to writers who are thus far unpublished or whose substantive publication history is seven years or less and who have published fewer than three books. Writers whose work is outside those parameters but who feel that they should be considered in this competition are asked to provide a brief statement of no more than 300 words on their eligibility. In such cases, the IVA Board will provide final determination of eligibility for the jury to consider. “Established” writers are those with a publishing history of more than seven years or that includes three or more published books (or the equivalent in an alternative format) at the point of submitting materials for the competition.